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DivorceEZ.com, a divorce form website is not a law firm specializing in low-cost divorce and other family law matters as an online law firm. Because DivorceEZ is not a divorce law firm, we cannot and will not give any legal advice.  Founded by Steven D. Miller, born and raised in Western Massachusetts and  a 30 year resident of Florida,  DivorceEZ.com was built  to provide Florida Supreme Court forms filled out according to YOUR instructions in order for you to get an affordable, mostly online divorce (i.e., a cheap divorce). DivorceEZ.com provides general public information (usually from the Florida Supreme Court) about family matters including: divorce laws, alimony, child support and parenting plans in Orlando, FL and Jacksonville, FL.

Steven D. Miller, married since 1987, deeply values the institution of marriage and family.  DivorceEZ.com focuses on making sure your Supreme Court forms are filled out only with information you provide.  This can be a difficult time and DivorceEZ.com can “virtually” eliminate the stress that can accompany a divorce and trying to fill out all required Supreme Court forms.

DivorceEZ.com, NOT a Law Firm, for online divorce forms, divorce attorney ads, alimony, child issues, child support information and more!

DivorceEZ.com is a customer service document preparation company, not a Florida law firm.  DivorceEZ.com is an informative site, including video information and the most commonly requested Florida divorce form services.

 “It’s a catchy name that consumers will remember.”  DivorceEZ.com, not a divorce, alimony and child custody law firm, makes filling out the necessary divorce paperwork EZ,  DivorceEZ.   If desired, no court appearance is required as local rules in several counties allow for this process.   This makes DivorceEZ.com perfect for couples already separated, or military couples with a spouse deployed overseas.

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$ 149

Simplified Divorce

Agreement about Property/Debt, if any.

No kids, Not pregnant.

Both parties MUST attend hearing.


No Kids

Agreement about Property/Debt, if any.

$ 199


Agreement about Property/Debt, if any.

Parenting Plan & Child Support Guidelines included.

$ 49

Child Support

Guidelines Worksheet only.