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The Florida Divorce rate is high, too high for my liking, but that’s the state of affairs in this country. Florida is a no-fault state – the marriage only needs to be irretrievably broken; meaning, no chance at saving it.  If you want to get a Florida divorce you will regardless of whether your spouse agrees or not.  DivorceEZ.com only deals with couples who are in agreement about getting a Florida divorce and have reached agreement on all issues.  If you and your spouse have decided to get a Florida Divorce, paying a large retainer to a Florida divorce lawyer to prepare your divorce paperwork is not required by the courts. The Florida court system has established rules of procedure which make it DivorceEZ if you and your spouse are in agreement on getting divorced and have reached agreement on all issues.  The online divorce world is full of companies promising a Florida divorce within 30 days.   Read the details:  there are many variables involved to accomplish the final judgment within 30 days and, most important, it is 30 days from the day the case is filed at the courthouse;  NOT 30 days from the day you hire a company or law firm (a Florida lawyer can’t get it done quicker just because they’re a  lawyer :  rules are rules)    Thankfully, the Florida legislature has established laws about the divorce process, Florida lawyers have established rules about how things should be done and the Supreme Court of Florida has established a set of uniform forms to use in most every divorce situation.

You have options:

• Self-Help Center at your local courthouse: 

Most clerk of court’s offices in Florida’s 67 counties, including Orlando (Orange County and Jacksonville (Duval County) have Self-Help Centers which are not run by divorce lawyers.  The centers are staffed by the clerk’s employees.  They cannot prepare your divorce paperwork (marital settlement agreement included) and are not permitted to give legal advice about the Florida divorce process, Florida child support laws (check out our DivorceEZ.com Florida child support calculator) or alimony in Florida. It is considered the unlicensed practice of law and is a crime for anyone other than a lawyer to give advice about the Florida divorce process.   This website and all employees of DivorceEZ.com cannot and will not provide legal advice; we don’t need to.  If you and your spouse AGREE on all issues, getting divorced in Florida is EZ, DivorceEZ, period.   The Supreme Court of Florida made it EZ to access the court system on your own without the need of a Florida divorce lawyer should you so desire.

For affordable Florida divorce, not a Florida divorce lawyer, online divorce, child support, child custody and alimony information make it EZ, DivorceEZ.

• Do it yourself (pro se’): 

You can try to prepare all required legal documents yourself.  Good luck!  Take a look at the number of forms that must be filed.  Yes, it can be done if you’ve got  the inner fortitude to read the volumes of material and instructions about the Florida divorce process which is available online.  DivorceEZ has taken that the public information and made getting an uncontested Florida divorce EZ,  DivorceEZ.

• Paralegal or Document Preparation Service: 

A paralegal (a person who works for a lawyer) or company that prepares online divorce papers cannot give advice about Florida divorce law.  To do so is considered the unlicensed practice of law and is a crime.    Do your research and call other document companies.  Most will violate the law and give legal opinions or information without concern for Florida law.  Paralegals are specifically prohibited from providing legal advice and cannot make court appearances.  If you understand the process and what you and your spouse need to agree upon, you can get divorced on your own – No Lawyers.  However, if you and your spouse do not understand the issues or cannot reach an agreement about them., bite the bullet and at least consult with a Florida lawyer.  Remember,  it’s your case and your life so you’re the boss.  Make your divorce EZ, DivorceEZ.

• Retain an Attorney:

If you don’t understand the process, family law rules, requirements, can’t reach an agreement with your spouse or have the need to go to a lawyer’s office to chat, HIRE A LAWYER.  Retainer fees are whatever the lawyer can get out of you.   An initial consultation may be anywhere from $200 - $500 per hour just to talk.  If all you’ve got is $100, some lawyer will gladly take it from you.   If money is no concern or you simply want to extract a pound of flesh from your spouse, Divorce EZ or any other document company or low cost/flat fee lawyer is not for you. 

DivorceEZ.com, NOT a Divorce Law Firm is your best alternative if you are looking for a low cost divorce (some would say cheap divorce) and you and your spouse have reached agreement on all issues.  Getting a Florida Divorce is a serious matter and you must be aware of the Florida divorce laws in order for your divorce in Florida to go off without a hitch.   Thankfully, the Florida Supreme Court has published general information on virtually all aspects about getting your uncontested Florida divorce.

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