Florida Divorce Requiremensts

Chapter 61 of the Florida Statutes contains all of the requirements to getting divorced in Florida.

Florida Divorce can be summed up as follows:

The Florida legislature has defined in general terms marital property and non-marital property and debt.  Marital property may include cars, houses, retirement benefits (pensions), business interests, cash, stocks, bonds, bank accounts, personal property, and other things of value. Liabilities include mortgages, car loans, credit card accounts, and other debts. Generally, any asset or liability acquired during the marriage is considered marital and subject to distribution and must be accounted for in your divorce paperwork.  If there is any question about whether property or debt is marital or not HIRE A LAWYER.

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Mediation is an informal settlement conference with a neutral third party to help you and your spouse resolve issues for reaching a marital settlement agreement without a protracted process or a trial.  Many counties have mediation services available through the courthouse and private mediators (usually lawyers) are available in every county for various fees.   Most judges  in every county, whether you reside in Orlando, FL, Jacksonville, FL or any other Florida city, require couples to attend mediation before a trial can be set.

If you are the victim of domestic violence you may go to divorce court yourself to petition/ask for an injunction to protect yourself against further domestic violence, repeat violence, or sexual violence. If you feel you are the victim of such domestic violence, repeat violence, or sexual violence, you should contact the office of the family law clerk of the circuit court in your county or the local domestic violence shelter for information and assistance.

DivorceEZ.com is not a divorce lawyer online law firm. Our main offerings include general public information about child support services, child related issues  including parenting plans and classes.   If you have legal questions, call a Florida lawyer now!

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