Believe it or not, the majority of people getting a Florida divorce do not use a lawyer to get it done.  Why?  Because most people just want to get it over with and understand that in order to save time and money, there are affordable ways to get a Florida divorce without hiring a lawyer.  If parties understand the issues and how to get them resolved, there are many alternatives to hiring a lawyer; one of them is this site,  Remember; make your divorce EZ, DivorceEZ.

However, sometimes your interests are best served by biting the bullet and making the call to your friendly neighborhood Florida divorce lawyer.  Some divorces are very technical; for instance, if your spouse is missing or if you have significant assets which are difficult to value.  Despite the vast amount of free resources about the Florida divorce process, some people simply don’t understand the process, the law or how best to resolve their issues.  In those situations, it can’t hurt to at least consult with a Florida divorce lawyer.

Hiring a Florida Divorce Lawyer Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

While it’s true that some lawyers have exorbitant hourly rates, not every Florida divorce lawyer is so expensive. There are even some divorce attorneys that charge clients on a low flat rate basis, helping people save huge amounts on attorney’s fees. 

If your case is one of those highly technical, complicated or contested cases, there’s a lot that goes into getting divorced in Florida. The process can be convoluted to someone unfamiliar with Florida divorce. An experienced Florida divorce lawyer should know the divorce process intimately, but do your research.  Like everything else in life, there are good, bad and ugly Florida divorce lawyers.

If you handle the technical, complicated or highly contested Florida divorce case on your own, you risk making a mistake that an experienced lawyer shouldn’t make.  Everybody makes mistakes, even Florida divorce lawyers; so don’t hire the first Tom, Dick or Harry or “Curly, Larry or Moe.”

For some folks, hiring a Florida divorce lawyer gives them some type of inner relief (i.e., it makes them fell better) knowing they paid money to get the job done.    Whatever your situation, do your research before hiring anybody.  Feel comfortable about whom you hire and make sure to tell your lawyer the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Whether you do it yourself or hire a Florida divorce lawyer, the goal remains the same:  make your divorce EZ, DivorceEZ.

List of Florida Family Law Attorneys

DivorceEZ – Why Hire Us?

$ 149

Simplified Divorce

Agreement about Property/Debt, if any.

No kids, Not pregnant.

Both parties MUST attend hearing.


No Kids

Agreement about Property/Debt, if any.

$ 199


Agreement about Property/Debt, if any.

Parenting Plan & Child Support Guidelines included.

$ 49

Child Support

Guidelines Worksheet only.