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30 Day Divorce - Filing to Final Judgment - No Court appearance required!

Don't be fooled by lawyers or other online divorce companies that promise a divorce within 30 days. You can get your Florida divorce within 30 days from the date the case is filed with the Clerk of Courts IF everything is filed properly, you get a hearing scheduled with the judge (most judges are very accessible but they are busy and their calendars fill up very quickly) and the judge assigned to your case signs the final judgment on schedule. By Florida divorce law, the judge must wait at least 20 days from the filing date until entry of the final judgment. Other companies mislead you into thinking your Florida divorce will be final 30 days from the day you hire them – Not Likely.

Got Agreement with Spouse?

The Florida Supreme Court has approved forms which make it DivorceEZ if you and your spouse have reached agreement on all issues. Let DivorceEZ fill out all required forms with information you provide about your case including, but not limited to, division of marital property and debt and all child related issues. Sign up, log in, fill out our online question form at your leisure and you're on your way. When you're finished your documents will be prepared and ready to be signed and filed at the courthouse. DivorceEZ.

Florida Uncontested Divorce Requirements


You or your spouse (makes no difference which one, where the other lives or where you were married) MUST have resided in Florida for at least 6 months before filing the case with the clerk. Florida residency is proven by a current Florida driver's license, identification card, voter's registration or an affidavit from a witness who can verify that you have resided in Florida for at least 6 months prior to the filing of the petition. Oddly enough, there is no requirement that the witness be a resident of Florida.


You and your spouse have reached agreement on all issues, if any. Got property and debts? You must agree on how to divide it up. One of the forms the Supreme Court of Florida requires to be filed is a marital settlement agreement which tells the divorce court how you and your spouse have divided whatever property and debt you have. If you have property and/or debts to divide, fill out our DivorceEZ online assets and liabilities form and it will be included in your Florida marital settlement agreement.

Got Children? A few more requirements.

Parenting Plan:

You and your spouse must tell the court who will be responsible for the children,  when they will spend time with each parent,  who will be responsible for costs associated with extracurricular activities, health and dental insurance, travel expenses and other child related issues the Florida legislature wants Florida parents to address.  Bottom line is that the court is most concerned with your children and their best interests.

Child Support:

The Florida statute has a complicated formula to calculate child support which must be done in every case.  A worksheet showing the math - the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet - must be filed in every case.  The DivorceEZ.com child support calculator computes child support in accordance with the Florida formula and prints the worksheet which will be filed with the clerk of court.  The judge or case manager assigned to your case will most likely review it to make sure it matches up with the financial affidavits and parenting plan filed. 

Florida Simplified Divorce

Not as simple as you would think. In addition to agreement about division of property and debt, you can have NO children, wife cannot be pregnant and BOTH parties must attend a final hearing. Coordinating two schedules to attend a hearing is not that simple but if you can get it done, wonderful. DivorceEZ.

Court Costs for Florida Uncontested Divorce

The clerk's fee to file a Florida divorce case is $409.00 which is paid by money order or cashier's check. The clerks will not accept a personal check. If there are children involved you and your spouse must take a parenting class (online classes are available and we provide all necessary information) which costs about $40.00..

Contested / Confusing / Technical Divorces

Sometimes, not all the time, you've got to bite the bullet and hire a lawyer. You may not want to and who could blame you but if you can't reach an agreement with your spouse, if your spouse is missing, if you just don't understand the process or the law, do yourself a favor and hire a lawyer. You can spend a little or a lot. A "baby sitter" lawyer (one that will hold your hand and wipe away your tears) will charge by the hour as misery is very profitable. Most will require a retainer (sort of like the down payment on your house or car) and you will probably get a bill every month. An efficient "nuts and bolts" lawyer (tell him/her the facts and they'll tell you the shortest, cheapest alternative) may charge a flat fee. There are lots of both types of Florida lawyers. Trust me, if you've got a case, you will find a Florida divorce lawyer willing to take your money. You decide what's best for you!

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Simplified Divorce

Agreement about Property/Debt, if any.

No kids, Not pregnant.

Both parties MUST attend hearing.


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Agreement about Property/Debt, if any.

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Agreement about Property/Debt, if any.

Parenting Plan & Child Support Guidelines included.

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Child Support

Guidelines Worksheet only.