How it works - Florida Divorce Online Process

When you retain as your online divorce document company you will be given general information provided by the Florida Supreme Court about the divorce process and how to get a divorce online. You will immediately be given a code to access the working part of this website, so you can get started right away. is a low cost divorce document alternative whether you are getting a divorce with children or divorce without children.

We begin with the DivorceEZ online question form, phone, Skype or Facetime appointment as necessary depending on your situation. We will provide general information from the Supreme Court of Florida about Florida uncontested divorces.  We provide non-lawyer general divorce information about all issues particular to your case such as division of assets and liabilities, alimony, child “custody” and timesharing of the child(ren). You will calculate child support using our custom designed DivorceEZ child support calculator. Simply follow the on-screen prompts, inserting the necessary financial information and our calculator will compute the child support obligation of each parent in accordance with the Florida child support guidelines.  The Florida legislature made child support a math formula so our programmers built a calculator for all to use.

You and your spouse will complete and exchange financial affidavits which we provide for you.

If you and your spouse have property and debt to divide you will fill out the DivorceEZ online assets and liabilities form whether your case is a divorce with or without children which will be included in your marital settlement agreement filed with the court.

If you have children, the court needs to know about them and where and with whom they have resided for the 5 years before filing for divorce. You and your spouse are required to take a parenting class and some counties require the children to take a similar class.

For low cost divorce documents, with or without children.  For complicated cases, legal consultations and other legal issues,call a Florida divorce lawyer now! will fill out your marital settlement agreement and all other court papers solely based upon information you provide in the DivorceEZ  online question form and forward them to you with detailed instructions as necessary. Our clients like the instant gratification of receiving their divorce documents when completed.  They will be uploaded to your secure area on the website with filing instructions.  You and your spouse will execute and then file all documents with the Clerk of Court in the county you selected to file your Florida divorce papers.

DivorceEZ, the affordable divorce document firm for a cheap divorce, will fill out your divorce forms for your Florida divorce case, whether in Orlando, FL, Jacksonville, FL or any other city in Florida

The bottom line is that when you choose DivorceEZ  as your divorce document company the marital settlement agreement and associated paperwork will be filled out solely with information you provide in our online DivorceEZ question form.

DivorceEZ is not a divorce law firm and provides general  public information from the Supreme Court of Florida about the divorce process and provides you with Florida divorce documents with information provided solely by you. Make your divorce EZ, Divorce EZ.

Our main offerings include general public information about uncontested Florida divorces with or with children, child support services, child support modification and child related issues including the required parenting plan and classes.  If you have legal questions, call a Florida lawyer now!

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DivorceEZ – Why Hire Us?

$ 149

Simplified Divorce

Agreement about Property/Debt, if any.

No kids, Not pregnant.

Both parties MUST attend hearing.


No Kids

Agreement about Property/Debt, if any.

$ 199


Agreement about Property/Debt, if any.

Parenting Plan & Child Support Guidelines included.

$ 49

Child Support

Guidelines Worksheet only.