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Florida Online Divorce

We offer online divorce documents for a cheap divorce by a cheap divorce document preparer (ask my wife) depending on your needs - whether you have children or not.  Paralegals and document preparation divorce services cannot give you a legal divorce consultation or represent you.  If you need legal advice, hire a lawyer.

You do not need a Florida family law attorney to appear with you in court for the final hearing.  The final hearing takes about 5 minutes at which time the judge will ask about 10 questions, sign the final judgment send you home as a single person.   DivorceEZ.com is not a Florida Divorce Law Firm and its employees cannot and will not give you any legal advice or appear with you in court. DivorceEZ.com will fill out your Florida Supreme Court forms solely based upon information you provide in our DivorceEZ.com online question forms.  We offer a low, flat fee.  Divorce can be very expensive, and it is our perspective that this is often an unnecessary expense if you and your spouse have reached agreement on all issues and are prepared to execute all required Supreme Court of Florida forms.   With documents filled out by DivorceEZ.com, you can actually obtain a low cost divorce as an alternative to the fee structures/retainers required by the billable hour Florida divorce lawyers.

Affordable low cost fast online divorce documents not by a Florida divorce lawyer. If you need legal advice or consultation,hire a Florida divorce lawyer now!

If necessary, the staff of DivorceEZ.com will meet by phone, Skype or Facetime to answer your questions about the Florida divorce process.  Remember, paralegals (a person who works for a lawyer at a law firm) and document companies are not lawyers and cannot give legal advice.  If you do hire an Orlando, Florida or Jacksonville, Florida divorce lawyer, you will probably spend most of your time dealing with their secretary.  If you get the lawyer in the phone, expect a bill for every call.  Do your research about lawyers and other document companies.  Like they used to say at Sym's (the discount clothing store for those of you too young to remember)  "an educated consumer is our best customer."

Anyone seeking an affordable Florida divorce in any county can review the “menu” of divorce packages we offer and select the divorce document package required based on their needs.  Phone orders are welcome for fast divorce documents and consultation with an attorney should occur if you have any legal questions or concerns whatsoever.  DivorceEZ.com, not a divorce law firm accepts payment by PayPal and all major credit/debit cards.

Hiring a lawyer, in person or online, is a big decision.  If you and your spouse are in agreement,  you can make your divorce EZ, DivorceEZ.  If you want or need legal advice, consult a Florida lawyer and come back to DivorceEZ to finish the process. 

DivorceEZ.com is not a Florida law firm for online divorce and does not employ Florida divorce attorneys.  DivorceEZ.com provides general, public information about alimony, child "custody", child support and more in order to make your divorce EZ, DivorceEZ.

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DivorceEZ – Why Hire Us?

$ 149

Simplified Divorce

Agreement about Property/Debt, if any.

No kids, Not pregnant.

Both parties MUST attend hearing.


No Kids

Agreement about Property/Debt, if any.

$ 199


Agreement about Property/Debt, if any.

Parenting Plan & Child Support Guidelines included.

$ 49

Child Support

Guidelines Worksheet only.